Bill to Ban Sustainability and Climate Change Action Fails in Arizona

Bill to Ban Sustainability and Climate Change Action Fails in Arizona

This Week in Clean Economy: Five states fail to pass similar laws this year, with Arizona being the most high profile. Bills remain alive in three states.

By Maria Gallucci, InsideClimate News

A high-profile bill in Arizona to abolish sustainability efforts died last week, yet its defeat isn’t deterring lawmakers in three other states from still trying to pass related policies into law.

The legislation seeks to outlaw states and their cities from endorsing or implementing the United Nations Agenda 21 principles of sustainable development. The list of 27 nonbinding principles, adopted by countries at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, is meant to guide policies to eradicate poverty and combat climate change, among other environmental threats.

In late March, the Arizona state Senate approved anti-Agenda 21 bill SB 1507, but the measure died on May 3, after House lawmakers failed to bring the legislation to a vote before the legislative session concluded that night.

In total, five states have tried and failed to pass such rules this year, with Arizona’s battle being the most well known. Efforts in Alabama, Kansas and Louisiana are still alive.

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